Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wagma's story

"In comparison with overseas cities New Zealand air is clear and beautiful to breathe. Auckland has little population compared to these places, but for all that traffic emissions are increasing to higher levels and some days a haze clouds the atmosphere especially over the city. Luckily Auckland is exposed to high winds which leave it haze-free most of the time.

Occasionally the weather patterns trap fog low to the ground and this in turn traps car emissions from escaping into the atmosphere and is a bad look for a city which prides its self on a clean green image. In situations like this feelings tend to be giving rise to depression, sadness, and lethargy. The opposite is true of a beautiful sunshine day when spirits rise, songs flip off your lips and energy is there to burn.

The New Zealand Herald this week showed a picture of a young cyclist wearing a mask to prevent the poisonous gases penetrating his lungs. If he is a frequent traveller on city routes this would be of importance but to a casual visitor would not.
Auckland air has continued to deteriate and needs a clean air programme."

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