Monday, 3 October 2011

Emma's story

"I find Auckland’s air quality is dependent on location and environment. I have had mostly positive experiences of air and consider it to be clean and fresh majority of the time. I also view our air quality as ‘superior’ to other places and countries. My experiences in other countries have particularly helped cement my thoughts on Auckland's air, for example Bali, Singapore and London are a handful of places I have visited and enjoyed but have had lasting bad memories of the air. Not only did I find the air thick and a little heavy to inhale at times, it often smelt. I am particularly sensitive to smells and so this is something that does not go past me.

Times when I have felt Auckland’s air quality has been less than satisfactory is at the harbour downtown before embarking on a ferry. Having lived on Waiheke Island for 3 years, this is something that I encountered twice daily and always hated it. The air was heavily polluted, stinky and thick, there were also vapors visible to the naked eye from fuel. This is also a similar experience when I go to the airport. Having said that, after arriving back in the country, I always feel pleased to be home and feel lucky over all with our air quality."

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