Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nico's story

“As an international student from the Philippines, I was actually quite surprised by the sheer cleanliness of Auckland’s air. Compared to my home country, Auckland’s air feels lighter, colder, and fresher while my country’s air feels heavier, hotter, and staler. There are less visible dust particles in the air and, for reasons I can’t explain, it sometimes feels safe enough to take a deep breath even when beside a street like Queen St. I feel that the reason behind this is because New Zealand has more wind, which constantly brings in fresher air from the sea.

The first time I arrived in Auckland, I instantly noticed how clear the city was from my window seat on the plane. It was a good sunny day in Auckland and I still remember thinking to myself, “Wow, so clean!” I noticed that I get sick less often now then in the Philippines. This year alone, I’ve only gotten sick once.

People living in Auckland or New Zealand in general should be grateful that they are blessed with cleaner air that has less harmful effects on themselves and to the Earth.”

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