Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tamara's story

"I have moved from an apartment on Upper Queen Street to suburban Auckland recently and the change in air quality is significant. I was constantly cleaning walls and windows to remove the thin film of grime that came in when the windows were open and now I have to remind myself to wash windows as used to be so much clearer. The combination of air and noise pollution in the city makes the atmosphere seem heavier, there is less light from all the high buildings and this contributes to a sense of weight in the air. I am not sure how much is my own perception through these other factors and how much is due to the air quality.

However, relative to other countries I have lived in Auckland’s overall air quality seems much better. I remember returning to Auckland as a teenager after living in South East Asia and the USA, it was early morning and it seemed like a small miracle to be able to see the silhouettes of buildings and trees in the distance clearly. The stars appeared brighter and more numerous and the place ‘felt’ cleaner. Los Angeles in particular had left me with a gritty sensation in my throat and a feeling of being coated in dirt particles even when I was inside."

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