Monday, 1 August 2011

What does Auckland's air look and feel like? Share an image or description.

What does Auckland’s air feel like?
The aim of this blog is to build a picture of how Auckland's inhabitants perceive our air quality. Please describe in words your impressions of Auckland air quality; either how it looks or how it feels to 'breathe in'.

Haze's past?
What are your memories and impressions of Auckland's air quality?

What does Auckland's air look like? Share an image.
You are invited to post pictures of 'brown haze' from your local part of Auckland from any kind of camera or phone. Haze is often clearly viewed from the North Shore. Or post any kind of photo that describes our air quality.

Environmental scientists, urban meteorologists and the Auckland Council are currently monitoring Auckland's 'brown haze' to understand both the human and atmospheric causes. But the city's inhabitants who live 'in' it can also help build up a profile of the haze.

With your permission, shared haze images or descriptions may be used in a media art exhibition produced in 2012.

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